Zeev Maoz

Recent Articles

Zeev Maoz 2003. The Mixed Blessing of Israels Nuclear Policy, International Security, 28(2): 44-77.

Zeev Maoz 2004. Pacifism and Fightaholism in International Politics: A Structural History of National and Dyadic Conflict, 1816-1992. International Studies Review, 6(2): 107-133.

Lesley Terris and Zeev Maoz 2005. Rational Mediation: A Theory and A Test. Journal of Peace Research, 42(5): 563-583.

Zeev Maoz 2006. Network Polarization, Network Interdependence, and International Conflict, 1816-2002. Journal of Peace Research, 43(4): 391-411.

Zeev Maoz, Ranan D. Kuperman, Lesley G. Terris, and Ilan Talmud 2006. Structural Equivalence and International Conflict: A Social Networks Analysis. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 50(5): 664-689.

Zeev Maoz and Lesley G. Terris 2006. Credibility and Strategy in International Mediation. International Interactions, 32(4): 409-440.

Zeev Maoz, Lesley G. Terris, Ranan D. Kuperman, and Ilan Talmud 2007. What is the Enemy of My Enemy? Causes and Implications of Imbalanced International Relations, 1816-2001. Journal of Politics, 69(1): 100-115.

Zeev Maoz 2007. Evaluating Israel's Strategy of Low-Intensity Warfare, 1949-2006. Security Studies, 16(3): 319-349.

Zeev Maoz, Lesley G. Terris, Ranan D. Kuperman, and Ilan Talmud 2007. Network Centrality and International Conflict: Does it Pay to Be Important? In Thomas N. Friemel (Ed.). Applications of Social Networks Analysis. Konstanz (Germany): Universitat Verlag Konstanz, pp. 121-151.

Zeev Maoz and Randolph M. Siverson 2008. Bargaining, Domestic Politics, and International Context in the Management of War: A Review Essay. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 25(2) 171-189.

Zeev Maoz 2009. The Effects of Strategic and Economic Interdependence on International Conflict Across Levels of Analysis. American Journal of Political Science, 53(1): 223-240.

Zeev Maoz 2009. Primed to Fight: The "Can/Must" Syndrome and the Conflict Proneness of Nations. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 26(5): 411-436.

Zeev Maoz and Zeynep Somer-Topcu 2010. Political Polarization and Cabinet Stability in Multiparty Systems: A Social Networks Analysis of European Parliaments, 1945-98. British Journal of Political Science 40(4): 805-833.

Zeev Maoz 2012. How Network Analysis Can Inform the Study of International Relations, Conflict Management and Peace Science, 29(3): 247-256.

Zeev Maoz 2012. Preferential Attachment, Homophily, and the Structure of International Networks, 1816-2003. Conflict Management and Peace Science, 29(3): 341-369.

Zeev Maoz and Belgin San-Acka 2012. Rivalry and State Support of Non-State Armed Groups (NAGs), 19462001, International Studies Quarterly, 56(4): (DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2478.2012.00759)

Zeev Maoz and Errol A. Henderson 2013. The World Religion Dataset 1945-2013: Logic, Estimates, and Trends. International Interactions 39(3): 265-291.



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